North Staffordshire Regiment during World War 1 The Regiment raised a total of 18 Battalions and fought on the Western Front, at Gallipoli, in the Middle East, and India, it was awarded 52 battle honours and 4 Victoria Crosses losing 5,430 men during the course of the War.

4th (Extra Reserve) Battalion 04.08.1914 Stationed at Lichfield and then moved to Guernsey. Sept 1916 Moved to Marske. Mar 1917 Moved to Saltburn and in June joined the 200th Brigade of the 67th Division moving to Westbere, Canterbury. 07.10.1917 Left the 67th and mobilised for war landing at Havre and transferred to the 167th Brigade of the 56th Division. 15.11.1917 Transferred to the 106th Brigade of the 35th Division near Ypres and engaged in various actions on the Western Front. 03.02.1918 Transferred to the 105th Brigade of the same Division and continued to fight on the Western Front including; During 1918 The First Battle of Bapaume, The Battle of Ypres, The Battle of Courtrai, The action of Tieghem. 11.11.1918 Ended the war in Belgium, Audenhove N.E. of Renaix.

War Graves Commission Citation