Grenadier Guards

Grenadier Guards during World War 1

The Regiment raised five battalions during the First World War and fought in the majority of the principle battles of the Western Front including; The Marne, the Aisne, Ypres, Loos, the Somme, Cambrai, Arras, Hazebrouck and the Hindenburgh Line. The Regiment was awarded 34 Battle Honours and 7 Victoria Crosses, losing 4,680 men and suffering 12,000 casualties during the course of the war. In 1919 the King commanded the rank of Guardsman replace that of Private in recognition of the Regiments efforts during the war.

3rd Battalion 04.08.1914 Stationed at Wellington Barracks, London District. 27.07.1915 Mobilised for war and landed at Havre. 19.08.1915 Transferred to the 2nd Guards Brigade of the Guards Division and engaged in various actions on the Western Front including; During 1916 The Battle of Flers-Courcelette, The Battle of Morval. During 1917 The German retreat to the Hindenburg Line, The Battle of Pilkem, The Battle of the Menin Road, The Battle of Poelkapelle, The First Battle of Passchendaele, The Battle of Cambrai 1917. During 1918 The Battle of St Quentin, The Battle of Bapaume, The First Battle of Arras 1918, The Battle of Albert, The Second Battle of Bapaume, The Battle of Havrincourt, The Battle of the Canal du Nord, The Battle of Cambrai 1918, The pursuit to the Selle, The Battle of the Selle, The Battle of the Sambre. 11.11.1918 Ended the war in France, near Maubeuge.